02 April 2005

Quiptic No. 280

I've been neglecting the crosswords lately. Been just a bit too busy with other things. So with "Lethal Weapon 2" playing in the background, I decided to tackle this week's Guardian quiptic crossword before it's out of date. I'll get round to doing No. 279 at some point...

Some nice clues (as usual, highlight below to see answer):

  • Sodium smell developing (7)
  • Paying too much council tax? (9)
    Overrated... Quite apt given the recent re-jigging of council taxes.
  • German cake lost out to the French number (7)
    Stollen (breakdown: stol(le)-n)
  • Up in arms (7)
  • And finally, a classic clue: Decreases the clubs (5)

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