13 April 2005

Butterfly cupcake update

Bunny cupcake 1
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Instead of orange curd in tonight's cupcakes, we used mango sorbet. The slight tartness of the sorbet works well with the sweet orange cupcake.

Also read today that the theme for the 14th "Is my blog burning" event, hosted by Foodgoat, is to be orange. Oh well, I'll have to think of some other orange food to cook for the 24th of April. (^_^)

I haven't read all that many food blogs, having spent the last few years reading news, gadget, and life science weblogs instead. The first I heard of IMBB was on a blog by an expat in Japan (found that via a search for kimono kitsuke), who writes about the minutiae of life in Japan and bakes extraordinary cakes and bread. Her cupcakes looked so enticing that I just had to make some too! Through that blog, I also came across ricebowl journals, specifically targeted at blogging Asians, of which there are many. It's amazing how many bloggers originate from East and South-East Asia, but live elsewhere.

Bunny cupcake 2

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tappedfull said...

Interesting blog, I'll check back.