15 November 2007

Trial move

We used to move all the furniture in my flat in Edinburgh around once every 6 months or so. I get itchy when things get stale or staid. And while I've really liked the ease of Blogger, and kind of like splitting my disparate personalities into three separate blogs, it was getting silly. The whole shebang will be maintained on a wordpress version on a trial basis. Since hardly anyone ever comes to this site for anything other than that mysterious "akatsuki enzyme" and some old food posts, no one should notice any change... Expect me to dither about the whole thing and shift back in a few months of non-blogging.

01 November 2007


I'd like to state for the record that Singaporeans reproduce asexually or via IVF. Sex is not condoned in the island republic, even on their aircraft, and should not be undertaken by anybody. Furthermore, sex between two same-sex individuals could cause the economy to collapse.

This is not a laughing matter.

Stop goofing around with tragic mistakes

Sometimes I wonder if there is or should be a standard of how to classify depths of mistakes. I was somewhat shocked to read that the Met was found guilty in shooting goof. A goof? If Charles de Menezes had survived a minor wound, perhaps it would have been a GOOF. This was on the scale of major FUCK-UP. OK? You don't fucking shoot someone without FIRM EVIDENCE that he is who you think he is. Suspicious actions a terrorist does not make. I know there was a great deal of pressure to crack down on potential terrorist threats. But shoot-to-kill MUST have a firmer basis before being ordered. A shooting of an innocent is not a goof. Not in my style book.


Honestly, you lot on the interwebs can't be left alone! I spend some time away from the keyboard and this sort of shit happens. Now, where have I heard that name Nadine Dorris before? Honestly. Is that woman for real? She's definitely NO sister.

And what's her bag with Ben Goldacre? I read both his posts on the science committee's recommendations on amendements to the Abortion Act and the subsequent brooha about "leaked" memos and failed to detect anything out of the ordinary. What a palavar! Only an self-important idiot would think that the select committee's discussions were "closed meetings". Add that to the initial charge of her ridiculous stance on abortion, and she's in my mind: a lying COWard.