19 April 2005

In a naughty mood

Three fun things to do if you're tired of the usual election clap-trap:

  1. Watch the funniest spoof PEB (Party Election Broadcast) I've ever seen on GB Jab. Flash is needed, but even Linux users are supported on that.
  2. Googlebomb Kilroy Veritas.
  3. Make your own Tory poster. You can change the text, but somehow, the original quote is so much more chilling.
Spoof Tory poster

Better yet, have a look at some defaced campaign posters on ToryScum.com.

Edit: Came across another spoof video while browsing the Vanitas site. It's one of several excellent Flash animations made by Eclectech. They've made another video about the tangerine man, and an excellent election-themed "London Calling". The animations are accompanied by catchy re-writes by DogHouse.

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