05 May 2005

in or out?

The FA says the top four in the Premiership will go through, as they should, given that those are the current rules. Yet UEFA's president had this to say at the weekend. Everton is 3 points ahead and has one game in hand.

Remaining Everton Premiership fixtures:

  • 07 May 2005, Everton v Newcastle
  • 11 May 2005, Arsenal v Everton
  • 15 May 2005, Bolton v Everton

Possible draw with Newcastle, but probable win for Everton. Away to Arsenal will be quite tough; they lost heavily to the Gunners at home. Can't guess at the Bolton result, but again, probable win for Everton. That gives them another 4 to 6 likely points (more if they beat Arsenal, of course).

Remaining Liverpool Premiership fixtures:

  • 08 May 2005, Arsenal v Liverpool
  • 15 May 2005, Liverpool v Aston Villa

Oh why bother. It's not going to happen. Serves you right. Too many draws, losses to CP, Man City, Newcastle... It's not like there was any killer instinct this season. Might be an interesting end to the season against AC Milan. Something to look forward to.

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