16 May 2005

We are not Parcelforce

This weblog doesn't get many hits, being new and not terribly topical. But I got myself a sitemeter anyway, just because I could. So far, most of my 2 or 3 am posts are followed by those who click on Blogger's "Next blog" button. Recently, quite a few referrals have been through Technorati searches for Doctor Who (and variations thereof) and h2g2. It makes me quite sorry that I don't have anything insightful to say about either. Those referrals I can understand; it's a byproduct of the way Technorati displays recent posts first. But the oddest referrals I've had are Google searches for Parcelforce, often paired with Edinburgh West or more recently, Medway. So, if you were looking for the address/link to Parcelforce's West Edinburgh depot, here it is:

Edinburgh branch:
Bankhead Crossway North
Sighthill Industrial Estate
Edinburgh EH11 4XX
Link to EH11 4XX on multimap

I don't know it's opening hours, but I have been there to collect parcels on many a Saturday, when they're open from 8-ish to 12.30pm. Expect to queue around Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Parcelforce indeed. Thanks for the address. Phone number would be good too but I'm sure it would just ring and ring and ring...

James said...

Odd that I should arrive here..

Well what I was really after was the phone number for the Medway Parcelforce depot as it seems that going through a main number just gives endless robots and no real people. How very annoying.

Thanks anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where's the number for the Medway depot of Parcelfarce then????

bramble said...

That would be useful, wouldn't it? If you ever find out, do let us know.
Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

parcelforce @ medway is 08700844527 there is still an automated menu to navigate but eventualy you will get a real live living human, almost unheard of these days.
hope this helps

Arturo said...

Edinburgh West Depot,
There you go guys!!
And by the way, if you press 5 at the main menu, you get to speak with real people!!!
EH11 4XX

08700 844 585

Anonymous said...

haha :D thanks for the address! it is incredible how bad costumer "service" can actually get..

Anonymous said...

yep i ended up hear looking for parcel force too, their 3 days late with my delivery!

thanks for posting the info tho :)