16 May 2005

Drop the debt

From a letter to the Guardian (emphasis mine):

Abolish the debt burden
Today is World Debt Day. As on every day, poor countries will pay $100m to the rich world in debt payments. And preventable poverty will kill 30,000 children. This injustice must be stopped. Seven years ago today, 70,000 people formed a human chain around the G8 summit in Birmingham to demand the cancellation of debt. Now, seven weeks before the G8 returns to the UK - when thousands will gather in Edinburgh to call on the G8 to Make Poverty History - we are still demanding an end to the debt crisis.

Read the rest here.

And a particularly heartstring-tugging statistic from Oxfam's report on EU debt aid: "Every week, poverty kills more people than the Asian tsunami." That's over 300,000. A week.

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