30 June 2005

SPL blots copy book

From BBC news: Dundee United to lose top striker.

I cannae believe the SPL has so much say over who can and cannot get a work permit to play footie in Scotland. And that they claim Jason Scotland is "not of the highest calibre". He is Dundee United's best player, for crying out loud! And he scored the crucial goal that kicked Hibs out of the Scottish Cup.

Methinks the Guardian's Fiver team had a point, when they pointed out that the panel included five ex-Hibbies.

If such a panel were to decide on all our work permits, we'd never get anywhere. Places like Scotland would never benefit from the much needed influx of foreign talent to replace their vast migrate-to-the-south-to-make-more-money graduate population.

That SPL panel should have declared a conflict of interest, or at the very least, appointed impartial, non-partisan people.

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