18 June 2005

Blimey, it's subarctic in Hell today

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This hasn't passed me by. Oh no. It's just that Doctor Who completely took over this evening and I haven't had a chance to let it sink in. Plus, I thought it was a very belated April Fools' joke. Australia can make all the excuses they like, but this day will go down in History (so special the 'H' needs to be capitalised).

On a sadder note, the mini cricket balls and bat are now stashed away in a box. Dogs and walkers on East Lothian beaches will now be safe from my ridiculous attempts at spin bowling. (OK, I can't even get it where I want it, but spinning is so much more fun.)

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Anthony said...

Oi! Cheeky monkey. To be honest I haven't liked the Australian cricket team since Merv Hughes and David Boon left.

At least we'll beat England - oh it looks like we won't.

bramble said...

Where's that ol' Aussie confidence?

Oh yeah, knocked back by 4-in-a-row...