11 March 2005


In an oriental mood today; made some onigiri to take to friends' for dinner. Used 3 cups of short-grain rice and followed my usual sushi rice recipe (Yasuko-san's website has a good graphical guide). Not having a triangular mould for onigiri, I used my half and quarter measuring cups to pack the rice in. By pushing my thumb into the rice, I made a hole, which I filled with a very small amount of red miso paste.

onigiri preparation...onigiri preparation
triangular nori onigiri...half-cup triangular onigiri covered in nori
sesame onigiri...quarter-cup sesame onigiri
sesame and nanami onigiri...sesame and nanami onigiri
sesame and nanami onigiri...and some I saved for my lunch

Edit: I've posted the recipe here. And the onigiri went down a treat; shoyu sauce isn't necessary for the miso-filled balls. It's definitely good snack food!

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