19 March 2005

Italy 13-56 France

That gives France a 43-point difference (a grand total of 53-points over their 5 games), one more than they required before start of play today to improve their chance of winning the championship should Ireland beat Wales. No thanks to a complete collapse by the Italians in the last 20 min, the 6-nations championship is still wide open between France, Ireland and Wales. Unless, of course, Wales wins. Come on the Welsh! Oggie-oggie-oggie! (Very quietly, so as not to jinx the result: Oi Oi Oi!)
As it stands:

 Playedpoint diffPoints
Who cares about the rest? For once, I don't give a darn what happens in the last game against the Auld Enemy. This is the tightest Six Nations Championship I can remember, and it's great!
Edit: And here's the breakdown from the BBC.

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