17 March 2007

Go on, you Patricks

It's been a mixed day for the Irish, hasn't it? 4 points off a 6-Nations victory (merde!). Denied yet again, as far as I can tell... But they're celebrating in Jamaica now. What an upset that was. Good on Ireland, but what on earth happened to the batting order of Pakistan? I feel for them. Their reception at home will not be good. But these things happen in ODI. What an interesting World Cup this could end up being.


Santos said...

holy crap, i thought cricket was a genteel sport with you know, white trousers and tea. not freakin' taking a wire to the team coach after a bad match. RIP mr. woolmer.

bramble said...

It's all gone a bit Poirot, hasn't it? On top of the usual reaction of how sad it is, shocking etc, I can't help but wonder why someone felt the need to murder Bob Woolmer. Pakistan's form is no surprise even though they're one of the best sides. So this minor aberration should have resulted in haranguing from the press and minor ribbing from the cricketing fraternity.