10 August 2005


From BBC News: Discovery returns safely to Earth.

Funnily enough, I had BBC 24 on the telly yesterday morning at 5am (yes, I wake up pretty early). Which is why I didn't s*** myself when I heard the sonic boom. It shook the windows and patio doors. First time I've ever heard one.


Santos said...

funny, i was just telling someone i felt reassured that the shuttle was landing in california because i was so used to the sonic boom from the shuttle landing rattling our classrooms (went to university just up the bluffs from marina del rey). i began to expect it, and would randomly wave at the sky whenever it would happen.

bramble said...

:) Instead of waving to it, I think I cursed at it... Before I realised what it was, I thought it could be one of several things, noisy neighbours included!