22 July 2005

A different take on beef noodles

While flicking through my old shots on Flickr, I realised I forgot to write up this recipe a couple of months back. So I'm back-dating the post, 'cos I don't want it cluttering up my recent slew. --20th Sept 2005 (yeah, i know.. slack!)

The first proper meal I cooked in LA, with a $5 frying pan (v. thin, cooked too fast). Still in my miso-marinade phase, strips of sirloin steak sat in a couple of tablespoons of brown miso paste for about 30 min (better o/n if you can help it) while I sliced the various vegetables. Apologies for the bad slicing. There's something about using crappy knives on glass boards that really annoys me. And add to that the fact that the board would not sit still because it was on an uneven tiled surface. I can't understand that about the two kitchens I've cooked in over here; why tile it, thus leaving plenty of grouted surface to grime up and look disgusting? Then again, it's probably because these are rented properties and the landlords don't care.

Stir fry the beef and veg (separately if your pan is as titchy as mine), and mix with some cooked soba noodles. Sprinkle on some soya sauce, sesame seed oil and rice vinegar. To garnish, plenty of toasted sesame seeds and spring onion.

Ingredients for my Ingredients (continued) Step one completed
Step two: vegetables Step two (continued) Final product: miso beef and noodles

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